We're thrilled to offer a number of workshops, seminars and curated tastings. You can choose from a chat with our local chocolate maker, Hummingbird Chocolate, to a curated tasting with the Canadian Chocoholic, or a discussion of cacao, ecology and sustainability with Michael Sacco of Chocosol Traders. That's not all...keep checking below for more information. 

We will post seminar descriptions, new seminars and the seminar schedule as they are firmed up. The seminar space is not fully accessible. 

10:30 am - 11:15 am 


Kerry Beal - The Chocolate Doctor

About Kerry: For over two decades Kerry Beal has had a close relationship with chocolate and confectionery manufacturing. From teaching to testing to consulting there is almost no aspect of the business that she is not familiar with.

She is the inventor of the the EZ Temper seed generator, which offers an economical, efficient and speedy method of producing perfectly tempered chocolate, a critical aspect of chocolate making. This means chocolate that is glossy, evenly coloured and snaps crisply when broken. It is not always been easy to attain this level of perfection. Designed specifically for the small-to-medium production facility, the EZtemper makes a well-tempered bar easy to attain.


11:30 am - 12:15 am

  THE STORY AND SPIRITUAL ECOLOGY OF JAGUAR CHOCOLATE: from forest garden to chocolate food and drink.

Michael Sacco - Chocosol 

About Michael: Michael Sacco is a native of Kanata, Ontario and now lives and runs his business, Chocosol Traders, in Toronto. He holds degrees from King's College University, York University and the Universidad de la Tierra in Oaxaca Mexico. Michael sees himself as sommelier of cacao and a chocolate grinder.  He makes a chocolate in the food of the gods tradition using only whole food ingredients sourced ecologically and ethically, and using only stone grinding tools for low periods of time, milled a low heat low sheer to maximize the benefits of cacao chocolate. His chocolate has won many awards locally and internationally. 


12:30 pm - 1:15 pm


Karine Guillemette -  Chocolate Educator 

People often ask me why I travel to visit cacao farms in different countries: do I really get something out of it? Is it really worth the trouble? I started to travel to cacao origins back in 2010, a couple of years after developing a passion for chocolate. I needed to understand better where this food came from and what layed behind a mere chocolate bar. Meeting farmers, seeing cacao trees, harvesting pods myself taught me a lot, and I try to share this knowledge as much as I can in my tasting workshops and presentations. I invite you to follow me on the cacao trail as I will explain the three main lessons I have learned visiting farms throughout the years.

About Karine: My business’s mission is chocolate education. I have combined for many years my passion for cacao and chocolate and my passion for education. After a career in research, teaching as well as in and writing and linguistic revision, I decided to found Miss Choco. Over the years, I hosted many tasting workshops, corporate events and conferences on various topics linked to chocolate, in Quebec as well as abroad. I also do consulting work in the field of chocolate.

I owned a chocolate shop specialized in bean-to-bar (La Tablette de Miss Choco, Montreal), and I imported and distributed several bean-to-bar chocolate brands in Canada. I often travel to visit cacao farms and chocolate makers around the world to deepen my knowledge about chocolate. I am also enrolled in a PhD in food pedagogy at Concordia University. My goal is to study critical consumer education related to artisanal food products, with an emphasis on chocolate.


1:30 pm - 2:15 pm


 Kyle Weaver and JoJo CoCo

Kyle Weaver has been a cheese monger for the past 5 years, learning and honing his craft at Grace in the Kitchen in Ottawa.  He recently stepped away from the counter and entered the world of catering, maintaining his focus on gourmet cheese. In 2018, Kyle partnered with JoJo CoCo Chocolate with the plan to create new tasting events with chocolate and cheese. This unique pairing is a must do for those who love both chocolate and cheese but never thought to enjoy them together. Join Kyle and JoJo CoCo as they present 3 of their favourite chocolate and cheese pairings.

This is a ticketed event. Please purchase your Pairing Cheese with Chocolate ticket using the Extras tab or click here


2:30 pm - 3:15 pm


Cyndi Clement - Canadian Chocoholic 

Curious about craft chocolate? Did you know that a bar with no additional flavouring could have a pop of cherry or lemon? Have you ever tasted a piece of chocolate that has flavours that change as it melts on your tongue? In this seminar we will explore several different types of bean to bar chocolate from Canadian makers. We'll experience the many flavours that can be found in craft chocolate, and learn how beans from one origin can taste different when crafted by each chocolate maker. Taste how unique each bar can be.

About Cyndi: Growing up, chocolate was a favourite food of Cyndi’s. She's always had chocolate nearby, preferably no further than arm's length. While living on Vancouver Island she worked as a chocolatier, and became even more interested in chocolate, which led to learning more. Fortuitously, soon after that, bean to bar chocolate really started happening in Canada.

Having also been a goldsmith for many years, and being a maker, gave Cyndi an appreciation for  small batch, one of a kind, local products, produce and small businesses. Cyndi especially enjoys supporting and highlighting Canadian chocolate makers. She loves to share the joy of chocolate with others through tastings, sharing bars, reaching into her purse, or through the chocolate-themed jewellery she makes. You probably know her as @CanadianChocoholic and can follow her on Instagram or visit her website at


3:30 pm - 4:15 pm


Erica and Drew Gilmour - Hummingbird Chocolate 

Join us for a casual conversation with Erica and Drew Gilmour, cofounders of Hummingbird Chocolate and hear about how they started and continue to grow their successful local chocolate business.