Meet the Makers

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Hummingbrid Chocolate  Hummingbird Chocolate, Lanark, ON

Hummingbird Chocolate is owned by Drew and Erica Gilmour, former international aid workers who spent their careers working with farmers in developing countries. They gained a deep respect and affection for people who make food, from grower to artisan, and started making chocolate as a way to stay connected with farmers while learning to craft something they love (and love to eat). 

In 2012, they began selling chocolate at the Ottawa Farmers' Market with great success. Their casual hobby quickly turned into a passion and today Hummingbird is one of the world's best producers of bean-to-bar chocolate.

 Jojo Coco  JojoCoco, Kanata, ON

 JoJo CoCo Chocolate is a locally owned, small boutique with a big passion for chocolate. Joanne and Jay Mutter opened the store in March 2012 and have been curating an exceptional collection of unique, fine quality chocolate ever since. Their chocolate is sourced from small producers who are recognized as exceptional chocolate makers, with a focus first on Canadian makers, and then the rest of the world. JoJo CoCo has a team of people who are friendly and knowledgeable chocolate geeks! With a vision to create a fun and interactive customer experience, the team at JoJo CoCo enjoys many in-depth conversations with the store’s visitors about chocolate and the makers. The love of chocolate combined with curiosity has led JoJo CoCo to create “Chocolate With…” a series of chocolate tasting and chocolate pairing events because really, is there anything that cannot be further enjoyed by adding chocolate? 


DesBarres Chocolate  DesBarres Chocolate, Uxbridge, ON

DesBarres Chocolate grew from the restlessness of a hands-on couple with a passion for chocolate. Ariane and Erik Hansen began experimenting with chocolate in 2014, and in late 2015 launched DesBarres, using a family name that represented adventure, enterprise and Canada.

They have been crafting award-winning, small batch, single origin chocolate ever since. Their micro-batch, two-ingredient chocolate is designed to highlight the best flavours of the cacao harvest using clear and simple ingredients. The DesBarres celebrates the variety and complexity of cacao while still delivering the smooth, memorable richness that we all associate with the best of fine chocolate.

  Finnia Chocolate and Cacao, Gore Bay, Ontario 

Finnia Chocolate and Cacao, a Manitoulin Island-based chocolate maker and confectioner, is devoted to bringing unique chocolate experiences to its customers.

We use all-natural ingredients, and organic and Fair Trade chocolate and cocoa beans for all our creations so you can feel good knowing that when you treat yourself, you have chosen something truly real with no hydrogenated oils or added preservatives.

Our goal is to operate in a socially and environmentally conscious way, while producing rich and luxurious chocolate and dessert experiences.


 Sweetness Chocolate, Windsor, ON


 Chocolats Monarque, Montreal, QC



  Palette de Bine, Mont Tremblant, QC



  Etat de Choc, Montreal, QC

 Aschenti Cacao, Winnipeg, MB


 Petit Patrie Chocolate, Medford, NS

Petite Patrie Chocolate handcrafts their award winning chocolate in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Stone grinding fine cacao beans in small batches to make single origin chocolate bars, as well as blending beans to develop more complexity while complementing various inclusions. 
Always selecting the best ingredients available while ensuring a sustainable supply chain since 2017. 

  EZ Temper, Toronto, ON

For over two decades Kerry Beal has had a close relationship with chocolate and confectionery manufacturing. From teaching to testing to consulting there is almost no aspect of the business that she is not familiar with.

She is the inventor of the the EZ Temper seed generator, which offers an economical, efficient and speedy method of producing perfectly tempered chocolate, a critical aspect of chocolate making. This means chocolate that is glossy, evenly coloured and snaps crisply when broken. It is not always been easy to attain this level of perfection. Designed specifically for the small-to-medium production facility, the EZtemper  makes a well-tempered bar easy to attain.


 Sirene Chocolate, Victoria, BC

Sirene makes chocolate.
We carefully source our cocoa beans from cocoa farms growing great tasting beans in an ethical way. Then we craft each delicious direct trade bean to its full chocolate-y potential in our custom chocolate workshop in Victoria, Canada. 


 Soma Chocolatemaker, Toronto, ON


 Alicja Confections, Ottawa, ON


  Chocosol Traders, Toronto, ON

ChocoSol Traders is an award winning artisanal chocolate maker in Toronto, Ontario. We use organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao that we source directly from Indigenous communities in Southern Mexico, and also from communities in Domincan Republic, Guatamala and Ecuador.
Our chocolates are made with NO dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts. All our products are vegan. We specialize in both eating chocolate and drinking chocolate (xocolatl), and offer a number of other sustainably grown foods that are sourced directly from farmers such as coffee, cacao beans, cacao nibs, vanilla, spices and more.

 Centre and Main Chocolate Co., Warkworth, ON

Creating luscious chocolate wickedness that you can feel good about, is what Centre and Main does best. We craft each recipe to make you feel nurtured, nourished and exquisitely spoiled. Chocolate delivers pleasure like nothing else can. With its unique chemistry and medley of essential nutrients, it's no wonder it has been considered the world's most perfect food.

At Centre and Main, we blend this superfood with additional delicious and healthful ingredients. The result is a collection of guilt-free chocolates, just waiting to deliver their palate-awakening moments of bliss.

  Anna Stubbe Chocolates and Confectionaries

My passion for chocolate from around the world, the flavor of nougat, and texture of marzipan, grew in me from an early age, since both sides of my family have strong traditions in pastry and chocolate. I opened my chocolate boutique in Kanata in the Spring of 2019, and I am looking forward to converting the community to love all things chocolate.

 Qantu cacao et chocolat, Montreal, QC


 Canadian Chocoholic

A true chocoholic, you may know Cyndi as @CanadianChocoholic. She brings her love of chocolate to the world through her skills as a goldsmith, having created a line of chocolate-themed sterling silver cacao pods and cacao beans. Using various techniques, she creates unique, wearable art, and is always happy to discuss custom work. 

   Artizen Kombucha, Perth, ON

Dasha and Sebastien have been making kombucha, crafted to perfection with pure & simple ingredients, since 2016. They will be embracing chocolate with gusto for this event, with an exclusive all chocolate line-up: chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry and a chocolate garlic for the adventurous!


  Avanaa Chocolate, Montreal, QC
​The idea of Avanaa was born a few years ago on a trip to Mexico. After walking every day in front of tiny workshops crafting chocolate from cacao beans, the makers at Avanaa realized they knew absolutely nothing about chocolate making, even though they ate chocolate every single day. They asked themselves why don;t we do this in Montreal? A year of research and travel led to the opening of Avanaa Chocolate in 2017. 

 Cacaitos, Toronto, ON

In spoken Spanish, ‘Cacaitos’ is the plural diminutive for cacao. In Colombia, such expression is used to denote something delightful, very special and unique in its quality and flavor. Cacaitos is eager to introduce Colombian cacaos internationally, sourcing cocoa beans with outstanding fine flavor grown in representative regions of the Country.